Pennsylvania and New Jersey Head-on Collisions

Car accidents, particularly head-on and rear-end collisions, usually result in serious injury for the driver and passengers. While cars are designed to be safe, our bodies are still in the Stone Age. If you are driving 35 mph and stop suddenly, your body, internal organs and brain must absorb huge forces in little time.

If your head hits or goes through the windshield, you may suffer traumatic brain injury, chronic headaches or memory loss after the accident. Even so-called fender benders can result in low-impact injuries with long-term consequences such as spinal injuries.

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Exploring the Extent and Impact of Your Injuries

The property damage to your car may not reflect how seriously injured you are. Head-on collisions typically result in injuries including:

  • Whiplash, the most common car accident injury, causes stretching of the muscles and the ligaments of the neck
  • Traumatic brain injury, with symptoms such as slurred speech, dizziness or trouble standing up
  • Neck injuries, caused by twisting
  • Spinal cord injuries, caused by trauma

Low-impact injuries may not appear serious at first, and may not even show up on a CAT or MRI scan. If you find your symptoms keep getting worse, or don’t get better after treatment, contact an attorney at Cordisco & Saile LLC for a confidential appointment.

Our attorneys have ample experience working with treating physicians, and know how to read medical reports and diagnoses. We advise clients to call us as soon as possible after the accident. That gives us time to build a strong case and pursue compensation for your head-on crash.

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