Pennsylvania Car Crash Lawyer

Texting while driving is something many of us are guilty of doing; however, it is very dangerous and is the cause of many serious Pennsylvania and New Jersey car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 16 percent of all fatal accidents are caused by using a cell phone.

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It’s very easy to become distracted while driving. Using a cell phone and texting is becoming one of the most popular distractions with the surge of iPhones, Blackberries, and other wireless devices. Steps you can take to help prevent your family from this danger include:

  • Give Clear Instructions – Give teen drivers simple, clear instructions not to use their cell phone while driving. Before new drivers get their license, discuss the fact that taking their eyes off the road – even for a few seconds – could cost someone injury or even death.
  • Lead by Example – Children learn from their parent’s behavior. No one should text and drive. Be an example for your children. If you need to text or talk on the phone, pull over to a safe place.
  • Become Informed and Be Active – Set rules for yourself and your household regarding distracted driving. Tell family and friends that you care about them and inform them how important driving without distractions is to their wellbeing.

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