Pennsylvania Fatal Car Accident Statistics for Labor Day 2009

Pennsylvania State Police stated that nine people lost their lives in PA car accidents over the Labor Day weekend. Last year during the same holiday span, sixteen people died as a result of car accidents in PA, seven more than in 2009.

Along with the nine car accident deaths, 654 Pennsylvania car accidents took place, injuring 285 people, compared to last year’s statistic of 789 collisions, with 412 injured.

By this time last year, PA State troopers issued 8,312 Pennsylvania speeding tickets, whereas last year 6,371 speeding citations were issued.

Police officers all over the country have been vigilant in their pursuit people driving under the influence (DUI). In Pennsylvania, 52 of the car accidents which took place over this Labor Day weekend were alcohol related, including one fatal PA car accident. During last year’s Labor Day driving period 90 auto accidents DUI related. Of those 90 PA car accidents, four were fatal.

PA State Police Commissioner Frank Pawlowski commented, “We saw a significant decrease not only in the number of persons killed in crashes during this year’s holiday driving period, but also a decline in the total number of crashes and resulting injuries.” These numbers represent only those accidents investigated by the PA State Police.