Pennsylvania Is Fifth in Nation for Deer vs. Car Accidents

Nationally, your chances of hitting a deer are 1 in 171. If this seems high, wait until you see the numbers for Pennsylvania: 1 in 76.

In 2011, 3,403 deer-vehicle accidents were reported in Pennsylvania. These crashes took nine lives and injured 679 motorists. These numbers only reflect accidents in which there was an injury or a vehicle had to be towed from the scene. In reality, the number of accidents is much higher.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation reported that in Allegheny County alone, there were 182 reportable deer-vehicle accidents. This is 11 more accidents than were reported in 2010. In fact, since 2007 the number of deer-vehicle accidents in Allegheny County has increased each year.

Avoiding a Deer-Vehicle Accident in Pennsylvania

With hunting season in full swing and mating going full force, November is peak deer accident season. With chances of hitting a deer already so high in the state, it’s important that you consider ways to help avoid getting into an accident with a deer.

Safety experts say that it’s important that you are on high alert when driving during dawn and dusk. This is when deer are most active and most likely to cross the roadway. Always be aware of your surroundings and scan the sides of the road for deer as you drive.

In addition, it’s important to keep your head about you if you do strike a deer. It’s advisable not to swerve to avoid the deer, instead applying the brakes and keeping the car as straight as possible. This can help you avoid swerving into oncoming traffic or hitting other objects such as a tree or guardrail.

Our Allegheny County car accident lawyers hope that the above tips help keep you safe and that you are able to avoid a deer-vehicle crash this November.