Pennsylvania Truck Accident Attorney On the Causes of Truck Crashes

The population of motor vehicles on the road is always increasing, which also includes arise in the number of 18-wheelers. This increase is especially true on our highways and interstates. To compensate for this change, federal regulations are constantly changing and trucking companies are constantly improving their safety training in order to prevent Pennsylvania truck wrecks.

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A report released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), finds one in twenty truck drivers will suffer from an accident at some point in their career. The study also shows that there are roughly 141,000 truck crashes every year, with 77,000 of these caused by a truck driver.

The interesting thing about the report’s results is that fatigue is not the number one cause. For many years, and in many reports, fatigue has been the major reason for trucking accidents. The FMCSA report actually lists fatigue much further down on the list. The report states that the top ten causes of trucking accidents are:

  1. Prescription Drug Use- 26%
  2. Traveling Too Fast- 23%
  3. Unfamiliar with Roadway- 22%
  4. Over-the-counter Drug Use- 18%
  5. Inadequate Surveillance- 14%
  6. Fatigue- 13%
  7. Illegal Maneuver- 9%
  8. Exterior Distraction- 8%
  9. Inadequate Evasive Action- 7%
  10. Aggressive Driving Behavior- 7%

This clearly shows that medication – both prescription and over-the-counter – has become a major problem as the use of drugs is becoming more prevalent among the trucking community.

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