Pennsylvania winter auto accident prevention | injured in winter accident

Very cold with a chance of snow.  In the winter months to come, there will be several forecasts just like this one.

PennDOT reports that last winter there were 370 Pennsylvania auto accidents on snowy, slushy, or ice-covered roadways caused by aggressive drivers.  Three of these PA auto accidents resulted in car accident fatalities and 215 car accident injuries.

Avoid being the cause of a Pennsylvania or New Jersey car accident by preparing your vehicles for safe winter driving.  In addition, some simple repairs and adjustments will make your vehicle more responsive, putting you in a better position to avoid an oncoming accident and serious car accident injuries.

Mechanical Checks

Brakes –
Have the brakes on all cars in the household inspected by a certified technician to ensure that they are ready for any slick road conditions.  Inspection points should include:

  • Brake fluid reservoir
  • Brake lines – steel brake tubing that runs from the master cylinder to all four wheel should be checked for leaks
  • Brake hoses – rubber brake hoses that run from the brake lines to the brake calipers and wheel cylinders should be inspected for cracks
  • Brake lining and pads – have checked for disproportionate wear and contamination from fluid leaks
  • Parking brake – have checked to ensure proper operation and any adjustments that are necessary

Tires – Make sure your tires have an adequate amount of tread and are inflated to             the appropriate capacity.

Lights – Check all bulbs in front, rear, and flashing hazard lights.  Even if the        weather is clear, wintertime darkness can be a hazard.  Properly functioning lights    are vital for safety.

– Keep front and rear windows clear so you can see what is coming   from behind in order to avoid being rear-ended by an out of control car or in order   to see the cars in front of you stop suddenly. 

Wiper Blades/Windshield Wiper Fluid – Purchase winter wiper blades equipped to cut through ice and snow.  Have extra wiper fluid on hand and always refill empty fluid compartment.

In addition to getting your car in shape for winter, we should reacquaint ourselves with safe winter-weather driving habits.

Strategic Driving

-Slow down – drive at a respectable speed when roads are dicey and be considerate of other motorists. Refrain from overtaking vehicles at high speed and do not weave in and out of traffic lanes.

-Increase distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

-Check road conditions before heading out.  In PA call 511 or visit  Give yourself extra time to reach your destination.

-Give snow plows a wide working area so they may effectively treat the roads. 

-Always wear a seat belt.

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