Philadelphia Accident Lawyer on Mandatory Motorcycle Anti-Lock Brakes

In today’s market, most automobile manufacturers install anti-lock brakes on their vehicles; however, this is not the case with motorcycles. It has been proven that anti-lock brakes save lives in Pennsylvania car crashes. Many experts believe that the addition of anti-lock brakes on motorcycles could also save hundreds of lives, but there is a current debate within the bike world regarding the legitimacy of these claims.

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German manufacturer BMW has released a statement saying they will make anti-lock brakes standard on all their models by 2012. Although BMW is leading the pack in anti-lock brake installation, they did not come up with the concept to put anti-lock brakes on motorcycles. In 1958, a laboratory tested the brakes and found they were of great value in helping riders stop faster and sooner than they could with the regular brakes. They estimated that the addition of anti-lock brakes could reduce the stopping distance on slippery roads by up to 30 percent. Unfortunately, a technical director at the time didn’t see a future in the product so the idea was thrown out.

This age old idea is now coming back around with more data to back up its benefits; however, the push to include the anti-lock brakes on all bikes has struck a nerve with many motorcyclists. Many riders are upset about the decision because they believe that the installation of anti-lock brakes takes away some of their control of the bike. They believe the ability to control a bike in a dangerous situation has more to do with the skills of the driver and the condition of the road, rather than the braking system. However, creators of the system feel that anything that helps riders from skidding on wet, sandy, or gravel roads is a good thing.

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