Philadelphia Plans to Eliminate Traffic Fatalities by 2030

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney promised a plan to eliminate traffic fatalities as a part of his 2015 campaign platform. This promise came to fruition in November, when an executive order created the city’s Vision Zero Task Force.

This task force will use a multi-pronged approach to reduce and hopefully eventually end Philadelphia car accident, bike accident, and pedestrian deaths by 2030. While policy will play a key role in this plan, the task force will also focus on improving education, advocacy, and enforcement.

What do we know about this plan so far?

The Vision Zero Task Force will look at ways to utilize education, enforcement, and engineering to make Philadelphia’s streets safer and reduce traffic deaths. This may include:

  • Infrastructure changes to reduce speed
  • Automated enforcement
  • “Share the road” education for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists
  • Policy changes

Besides creating the Vision Zero Task Force, the same executive order also created an agency to help improve infrastructure for safe travel for all modes of transportation. This is important, since almost half of the victims of Philadelphia fatal crashes were not occupants of a car in 2016.

Called the Office of Complete Streets, this agency will work to make streets safer for cyclists, pedestrians, and even mass transit passengers. Possible projects include:

  • Protected bike lanes
  • Off-street bike and pedestrian paths
  • Protected intersections
  • Other improvements to infrastructure
  • Installation of new safety devices or signals

Nationally, several government agencies teamed up in 2016 to announce a joint effort to end all traffic deaths nationwide by 2046. Known as the Road to Zero Coalition, this group will work to reduce fatalities through encouraging safe driving practices, enforcing seat belt and distracted driving laws, installing rumble strips, and other efforts.

How many people die in Philadelphia fatal car accidents each year?

In 2015, Pennsylvania experienced record lows in car accident deaths per hundred million vehicle-miles, marking the second lowest number of fatalities since the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation began tracking the statistic in 1935. In Philadelphia, however, the number of traffic fatalities increased from 87 in 2012 to 94 in 2015. This was an increase of eight percent.

Statewide, more than 82,000 people suffered injuries on the state’s roads in 2015. Another 1,200 died.

Cordisco & Saile LLC: Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers

Our wish is that no one ever suffers injuries or loses a loved one in a Philadelphia car accident. Unfortunately, the goals of the Vision Zero plan and other similar efforts are still several years in the future. Devastating personal injuries are still a reality, and wrongful deaths do happen.

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