Philadelphia Truck Accident Attorney

Philadelphia tractor trailer accidents can cause an extreme amount of devastation to all who are involved – especially if you are in a 4,000 pound vehicle on the other end of a 40,000-80,000 pound tractor-trailer. The chances of surviving such a match up are slim.

The best way to ensure you are never forced to test your fate against a semi-truck is to never be involved in an accident with one in the first place. Although you cannot completely avoid all tractor-trailers, the following actions could help to reduce your risk of involvement in a Pennsylvania or New Jersey tractor-trailer crash.

  • Respect the space around a tractor-trailer –Semi-trucks need a lot of space to drive safely. They need substantial room to stop, merge and turn.
  • Give warning of your intentions. If you are going to be stopping or turning soon, give the tractor-trailer behind you fair warning of your intentions. If you stop quickly, the chances are very likely that they may not be able to do the same.
  • Stay out of “No-Zones.” No-Zones are the blind spots around big-rigs where you never want to loiter as the trucker cannot see you. The “no-zones” are:
    • The immediate front of the vehicle
    • The rear of the vehicle
    • Most of the passenger’s side of the vehicle
    • Part of the driver’s side of the vehicle

Always remember, if you cannot see the driver or their reflection in their side mirror, they cannot see you.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful and courteous a driver may be, not all Pennsylvania truck crashes are completely preventable. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a Pennsylvania big-rig wreck, contact Cordisco & Saile at 1-215-642-2335to schedule a free consultation with a Philadelphia injury attorney in our office.