Philadelphia’s Dangerous Roads Lead to Many Accidents

Philadelphia can be a dangerous place to drive. The state highways, local roads, and interstates in and around Philadelphia see a significant number of injury accidents each year. Many of these roads are overcrowded, and ongoing construction creates even more hazardous conditions. Among the most dangerous roads in the Philadelphia area are I-95, US Route 1, I-76, the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and the New Jersey Turnpike.

If you suffered injuries in a car crash on one of these roads due to a negligent driver or dangerous road conditions, you can potentially recover compensation for your damages. At Cordisco & Saile LLC, our attorneys can help you win a case against the liable parties and get money to pay for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Call us today at 215-486-8196 to schedule an appointment.

How common are accidents on Pennsylvania roads?

According to data from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), there were 127,127 accidents in 2015 alone. Most of these accidents (over 92,000) occurred on state highways (interstates or otherwise). Local roads saw 32,011 crashes, while the turnpike saw about 2,500 crashes.

Where are the most dangerous roads for truck accidents?

Several of Philadelphia’s most dangerous roads play an important role in the state’s economy, both with imports and exports to and from other states. The roads that play the biggest role in interstate commerce include:

  • Interstate 95 (Delaware Expressway)
  • Interstate 76 (Schuykill Expressway)
  • The Pennsylvania Turnpike
  • U.S. Route 1

Because of the number of tractor trailers on these roads, as well as a large volume of passenger car traffic, truck versus car accidents are common. These accidents are particularly dangerous for motorists, because of the size and weight difference in a passenger car and a commercial vehicle.

Where are the biggest risks for commuters into the city?

Every day, thousands of motorists commute to Philadelphia for work, school, or other activities. Accidents during rush hour commutes are common, especially on the dangerous roads leading in and out of the city.

In particular, the Schuykill Expressway/Interstate 76 causes a number of problems. The aging interstate highway, fed by a number of heavily traveled roads, has only two lanes on either side.


The bridges that bring traffic from New Jersey into Philadelphia also come with their own dangers.

Four bridges bring traffic into Philadelphia:

  • The Ben Franklin
  • The Betsy Ross
  • The Tacony Palmyra
  • The Walt Whitman

All of these bridges except the Tacony Palmyra have three or more lanes in either direction, allowing traffic to flow freely even during rush hour.

The Tacony Palmyra, however, has only two very narrow lanes in each direction. This, coupled with the bridge opening often to allow for boat traffic on the Delaware River, causes major backups along this route. In heavy traffic, frustrated drivers are more likely to become distracted or make errors in judgment that cause crashes.

While the numerous lanes on the Betsy Ross allow traffic to move quickly, frequent road hazards, such as concrete debris and potholes, cause more than their fair share of accidents.

Note: PennDOT began construction to repair ramps on the Betsy Ross Bridge in March 2015; motorists should be extra cautious as the construction could cause backups and lead to more accidents.

Where are the most dangerous roads near Philadelphia International Airport?

Philadelphia International is one of the nation’s busiest airports, and the arteries that feed passenger traffic to and from its terminals are a common place for accidents.

This includes both Interstate 95 and a number of local roads in the South Philadelphia area, which are not designed to handle the amount of traffic the airport sees daily. Combine this traffic with out-of-towners unfamiliar with our roads and you have a recipe for a disaster.

Do I have a case after a crash on one of these dangerous roads?

If you suffered serious injuries in a crash on any of Philadelphia’s dangerous roads due to poor road conditions or another driver’s negligence, you may be eligible to file a claim to recover compensation for your damages.

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