Physical Therapy After Car Accident

Car accident injuries can be devastating to your body.  Even if you have not suffered any broken bones as a result of your accident, you may still experience muscle and joint pain as well as stiffness and discomfort in your neck, back, arms, legs, hips, or shoulders, making it difficult to perform common daily tasks.  Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. suggests that physical therapy might be just what you need after a car accident to treat your injuries.  Keep in mind, the longer you wait to undergo physical therapy, the harder it may be for you to get back to normal after your injury.

It is not recommended that you seek physical therapy on your own, however; your family doctor or treating physician should make the determination as to whether or not physical therapy will be a helpful treatment for your specific injury.  You would then be referred to physical therapy for your car accident injuries by your physician.   

There are different types of physical therapy that come into play for treatment of various car accident injuries:  

  • Orthopedic – for the treatment of back and neck pain, spinal injuries, fractures     and sprains 
  • Neurological – for the treatment of brain injury
  • Massage – for treatment of all layers of muscle and connective tissue

Physical therapy can be used to treat common Bucks County car accident injuries such as herniated disc, hip injuries, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, and sciatica. The benefits of physical therapy are flexibility, strengthening of the body and increased mobility.

                             Forms of physical therapy include:

  • Exercise – used to strengthen muscles and improve ability to perform daily functions.
  • Manual Therapy – includes massage and manipulation of bones and joints.
  • Education – how to safely perform daily tasks; protection of joints; home exercises. 
  • Cold/Ice Therapy – used to reduce swelling and enhance pain reduction. 
  • Heat Therapy – helps to increase blood circulation and lends to muscle relaxation.
  • Ultrasound – helps to ease muscle spasms.
  • Hydrotherapy – exercise in water, using water for resistance which allows no stress on  joints and spine.
  • Electric Stimulation – can be used to reduce the sensation of pain in different parts of  the body.

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