Post-Accident Spinal Surgery

Many Bucks County auto accidents result in minor injuries and lingering back pain for victims. Whether your back pain is debilitating or just a nuisance, you’ve probably contemplated some form of spinal surgery as a solution. It is important to consider and understand all of your options in the Philadelphia area before committing to spinal surgery.

If your back pain is more of an annoyance than a severe injury, non-surgical methods may be helpful to aid in healing your injury. These methods include pain medication, ice and heat therapies, massage or physical therapy. Give these methods some time–about 90% of people with back pain feel relief after using these therapies for 4-6 weeks, but auto accident injuries may require more invasive treatments.

If conventional, non-surgical methods have failed to relieve your back pain resulting from a Bucks County auto accident, your doctor may then consider spinal surgery. Different spinal surgeries are performed for the following different types of injuries:

• Herniated Discs/Bulging Discs- Discectomy may be performed to remove either the bulging interior of the disc or the entire disc itself. Spinal fusion is an option wherein adjoining vertebrae are fused to relive the pain from Bucks County accidents.

• Nerve Pressure- A discectomy may be performed to remove disc material pushing on the spinal canal, providing for more space in the spinal canal.

• Fractured/Compressed Vertebrae- Vertebroplasty is most often performed by injecting bone cement into compressed vertebrae. This option helps to stabilize fractured vertebrae which can relive pain resulting from auto accidents.

There are many other surgeries that can be performed for more specific auto accident injuries, and it is important to research those as well. It is also a good idea to seek a second opinion or even multiple opinions from spinal doctors throughout the Philadelphia area.

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