Problem Roads for Auto Accidents in Feasterville

Feasterville, PA, located in Lower Southampton Township, has many busy roadways running through it. Among these busy roads are Street Road (Route 132), Bustleton Pike (Route 532), the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Buck Road (also Route 532), Byberry Road, Trevose Road, and Bristol Road. These roads are the scene of many Bucks County, PA car accidents.

One of the heaviest trafficked intersections in Feasterville, PA is Street Road (Route 132) and Bustleton Pike (Route 532). On Bustleton Pike, approaching the intersection, is the Feasterville Plaza. This shopping plaza contains a supermarket, as well as several other retail outlets and restaurants. People turn on and off of Bustleton Pike to access this plaza as well as the Burger King restaurant and the Walgreen’s Pharmacy next door, making this stretch of Bustleton Pike heading into the intersection very congested and prone to car accidents.

Drivers sometimes have to wait a few turns of the light at the intersection of Bustleton Pike and Street Road due to high traffic volume. As a result, it is not uncommon to see drivers passing on the right to avoid the line of traffic in order to catch that green light. This causes Feasterville car accidents as well as increases the chances of pedestrians being hit and suffering serious personal injury.

Bucks County drivers are in a hurry and don’t want to be delayed at this or any other intersection, so it is also common to see motorists speeding through the intersection well after the yellow light has turned red. This is very dangerous, especially if drivers on the opposite side of the intersection are not aware that there is still oncoming traffic flowing through. Speed is a constant problem on Street Road through Feasterville, Bucks County.
Another area in Feasterville where there are several car accidents each month is Street Road (Route 132) at Bucks County Mall (the Acme Shopping Center). Motorists traveling East on Street Road (Route 132) and turning right into the Bucks County Mall are frequently rear-ended by speeding drivers who are not paying attention.

Motorists traveling West on Street Road and turning left into the mall, using a turning lane in order to cross Street Road, are at great risk of being hit by a driver traveling East who is intent on “making the light” at the entrance to the Bucks County Mall.
Bristol Road is a “choppy” road in that it does not follow a straight line. It is still very much a country road, providing only two lanes throughout Feasterville, PA and prompting many drivers to pass cars driving at the posted speed limit.

Head-on car accidents are caused when passing is done carelessly and/or illegally. For the most part, Bristol Road is double lined (no passing zone) in its entirety. Bristol Road was never intended to accommodate the amount of heavy trucks and the continuous volume of traffic that traverses upon it every day. The intersection of Bristol Road and Bridgetown Pike does not allow right-on-red turns, but some drivers make them anyway, leaving oncoming traffic vulnerable to car accidents.

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