Report: Traffic is #1 Cause of Holiday Stress for New Jersey Residents

The holiday season is often the busiest time of year for New Jersey families — and our roads. From rushing to buy gifts and decorations to traveling to visit loved ones in other cities, New Jersey residents are going to be spending a lot of time on the road. And they are dreading it, according to a recent survey on the top causes of holiday stress. Most of the people surveyed listed traffic as the top cause of holiday stress.

What are NJ residents worried about this holiday season?

Insurance provider Plymouth Rock wanted to identify the biggest stressors on its policyholders and other state residents, in order to learn more about reducing distractions and preventing injury. The results show an overwhelming amount of NJ residents worry about driving during the holidays.

In all, 82 percent of those surveyed said that driving is a cause of holiday stress. In addition to anticipating more aggressive drivers on the road, respondents said they worry about a number of other driving-related factors. Of the respondents:

  • 90 percent predict crowded parking lots
  • 88 percent expect to experience traffic jams
  • 87 percent worry about encountering drunk drivers
  • 87 percent believe that drivers behave more aggressively during the holiday season (Only 35 percent of drivers surveyed believe they drive more aggressively.)
  • 86 percent stress about bad weather while on the roads
  • 85 percent said they worry about other drivers texting behind the wheel

Only about half of drivers worried about driving short distances; 66 percent worried about longer drives.

Traffic concerns eclipsed holiday shopping and busy schedules as the top cause of holiday stress for respondents. These factors ranked second and third in the survey, respectively.

How can I use this information to help me keep my family safe this holiday season?

Knowing the leading causes of stress and distraction can help you stay focused and keep your family safe between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. While holiday traffic and related driving concerns do tend to cause stress, stress also hurts your ability to manage these issues when you run into one.

Learning how to avoid these stressors when possible — and to manage your stress when avoidance is not possible — is key in navigating traffic safely, remaining calm, and avoiding accidents. For many people, simply taking a few deep breaths can help calm their nerves in traffic.

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