Returning soldiers more at risk of being in a car accident

We all have a great deal of respect for the dangers our U.S. military personnel face when deployed. A new study conducted by the USAA suggests that our returning soldiers face a very real threat when they come back home—being involved in a car accident.

Key findings

According to the USAA study:

  • Returning soldiers from overseas deployment are 13 percent more likely to be in a car accident where they are at fault in the first six months of returning than in the prior six months.
  • Members of the Army and Marines had higher accident rates than members of the Air Force and Navy.
  • Soldiers under the age of 22 were more likely to cause an accident than those over the age of 29.

About the study

The USAA based its study on 171,000 deployments in which 158,000 were USAA members. The study was conducted over a three-year period.

The number of deployments played a role

The USAA found that the number of deployments a soldier served has a direct correlation to the rate of accidents. The study found that those who served:

  • Three or more deployments had 36 percent more auto accidents.
  • Two deployments had 27 percent more.
  • One deployment had 12 percent more.

A major contributing factor

The study suggests that military training may be one of the culprits. Numerous soldiers involved in these accidents had training in avoiding improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other roadside obstacles in combat. Many of the domestic accidents involved roadside obstacles.

USAA’s Response

“USAA has shared its research with each military branch’s safety center commanders,” the company said. “USAA has also shared the study with academics and traffic safety experts and has taken steps to make USAA members aware of the behind-the-wheel risks for returning troops.”

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