Riegelsville Man Saved After Accident with Speeding Motorcyclist

Riegelsville Boy Scout Saves Neighbor
After Serious Bucks County Accident

Boy Scout Ian Callahan, Riegelsville, PA, saved the life of his neighbor Art Frey after a serious Bucks County accident left Frey in grave danger when a speeding motorcyclist struck Frey’s car. Callahan was honored with the Heroism Award for his role.

Given to only 149 scouts in 2010, according to the Boy Scouts of America’s website, the award was presented to Callahan by U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick in a February 2011 service at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Riegelsville.

The December 2009 Bucks County auto accident, which fatally injured the motorcyclist, happened as Frey turned his car onto Route 611 in front of Callahan’s Upper Bucks home. Seeing Frey in trouble, Callahan acted partly on instinct, rushing to help the 71-year-old who suffers from emphysema.

Placing himself at risk, Callahan handled the serious situation by assisting Frey with an oxygen tank from the back seat as the accident left him hanging out of the car’s wreckage, struggling to breathe.

Using first aid skills he learned as a Boy Scout, Callahan treated Frey for shock and helped him to remain calm, getting him off his back and to sit up to avoid choking (common to emphysema sufferers) until emergency personnel arrived.

Residents of Upper Bucks and especially of Riegelsville, PA know the dangers of windy river roads. Speeding motorists on those roads pose additional danger and when an accident happens, it can be more serious.

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