Safe Alternatives to Commuting by Bus in Philly

Are you worried about risks of riding the bus? Are you worried that the bus is unsafe or that the bus driver will drive negligently and cause an accident? Whatever your reasons for not wishing to ride the bus, you do have alternatives. Below are some alternatives to bus travel. Also check out our tips for a safe SEPTA bus ride if you choose to continue to ride the bus.

Join a Carpool

Those wishing to take the bus presumably do not wish to drive a motor vehicle or do not own one. But there are still options for getting around via a passenger car.

Carpooling is an green way to travel by passenger vehicle that allows people to save money. It can be convenient for those who join the carpool because they can answer emails, respond to texts, make phone calls, etc. while another person drives.

In some cases, carpools allow each party to contribute financially to the trip (gas money, etc.), while others rotate drivers on a daily or weekly basis. Visit for information about setting up a carpool in Pennsylvania. The website also contains information for the other transportation methods listed below.

Take the Train

Check the SEPTA train schedule in Philly near your home and workplace. Also check the Port Authority Transit Corporation.

Passenger rail can be a safe option for those who do not wish to ride the bus for whatever reason. It’s also an environmentally friendly option and can help drivers save money. It may even be cheaper than joining a carpool.


Some cities and towns provide bicycle paths and lanes that make cycling safer for all who share the road. If you want to bicycle to work, learn all the traffic rules associated with bicycling and understand that Pennsylvania considers a bicycle a vehicle subject to the same traffic laws as motor vehicles. Remember to wear your helmet and avoid distractions while bicycling to stay safe.


Walking is healthy, the cheapest mode of transportation, and it’s very convenient for some commuters, especially those who live close to their places of work. Some tips for walking commuters.

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Eliminate all distractions while walking
  • Walk only on the sidewalk
  • Cross the road only at designated crosswalks

If you suffer injuries while commuting (whether on a bus, in a carpool, on a train, while bicycling, or while walking), you may recover compensation for resultant medical expenses, lost wages and more. Speak to a lawyer at Cordisco & Saile LLC to discuss your options. Call 215-642-2335 or contact us online by filling out our online contact form