Safest Family Vehicles for 2014 in Doylestown

When it comes to perusing Doylestown car dealerships, consumers with families often value safety over many other features. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) issues a list of vehicles each year that meet specific safety ratings. Consumers searching for the safest family vehicles can refer to the information below for information about a vehicle’s crash prevention technology and/or occupant protection systems.

IIHS Safety Ratings Criteria

Each year, the IIHS tests vehicles via the overlap front test, which measures the vehicle’s ability to withstand an impact and evaluates the consequences for vehicle occupants in a crash. This test is accompanied by roof strength tests, overlap side tests and head restraint tests. In order to be included in the Top Safety Pick list, a vehicle must score “good” ratings in all testing.

To achieve a place on the Top Safety Pick+ list, vehicles must meet the same testing criteria but must also offer crash prevention systems such as front collision warnings or automatic braking, both which are designed to help prevent collisions entirely.

In 2014, increased requirements and more stringent criteria reduced the number of vehicles included on the Top Safety Pick list and the Top Safety Pick+ list. The number of vehicles included on these lists in 2013 was 130 at the initial release, while in 2014 there are only 39 vehicles in total on both lists.

The lists are broken into categories.

  • small passenger cars.
  • mid-sized and large cars.
  • SUVs of varying sizes.
  • minivans.
  • and, luxury vehicles.


There is something for everyone on these lists, and a family searching for a larger car, SUV or minivan should have no problem finding a suitable match for their needs.

Many car manufacturers did some redesign work for their 2014 models to help ensure a place on the Top Safety Pick+ list, and as a result there are some new options on that list for consumers searching for the safest family vehicles to consider.

In addition, some models included on the 2013 lists have been removed from the lists for 2014. The IIHS noted that these vehicles were removed either because they did not meet criteria for the small overlap test (new to the battery of tests for 2014) or they were not tested yet.

Also noted by the IIHS is that all vehicles that qualified for the 2013 test continue to offer high levels of protection for drivers and passengers in the four main crash types.

  • rear-end impacts.
  • rollovers.
  • side impacts.
  • or moderate front overlap.  

Safest Family Vehicles in 2014: IIHS Top Safety Picks

The entire list of vehicles that made the Top Safety Pick lists for 2014 can be viewed at the IIHS website. For a quick look at some of the safest family vehicles, see the following list.

This list only includes vehicles that earned the Top Safety Pick+ level designation.

  • small SUVs: Safe family options are the Mazda CX-5 (built after October 2013), Mitsubishi Outlander and Subaru Forester.
  • midsize SUV: the Toyota Highlander.
  • midsize luxury SUVs: Consumers can check out the Acura MDX, Mercedes-Benz M-Class (built after August 2013), or the Volvo XC60.
  • and, minivans: the Honda Odyssey is the sole minivan included in the Top Safety Pick+ listing.

Accidents Related to Vehicle Safety Issues

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