Seasonal Protective Motorcycle Gear

If you’re a motorcyclist, you know that as seasons change, so does the gear you need to keep you comfortable and safe while riding. Check out this list of seasonal protective motorcycle gear for all your year-round for riding.

A Seasonal Helmet

You might think one motorcycle helmet will give you the same protection and comfort during every month of the year, but a winter helmet is much different from a summer one.

While winter helmets are designed to offer protection from the cold, summer helmets are often vented, providing you with breathability and additional heat protection. Also, when the sun is out, you may need a helmet with a visor to help protect your eyes from harmful rays, and increase your visibility.

Regardless of the helmet that you choose for the season, one thing should be the same regardless of snow or shine: make sure that you helmet is approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). Riding while wearing a DOT-approved helmet will put you in compliance with Pennsylvania law.

A Great Jacket

In any season, wearing long-sleeved clothing items while riding can give you added protection in the event of an accident or flying debris. However, you probably don’t want to wear the same long-sleeved items in summer that you would in winter.

A different jacket for each season is important. In warmer weather, a waterproof jacket (in the chance of rain) offers you lightweight, cool protection. In winter, you need a jacket that is designed for the cold, especially in Pennsylvania where below freezing temperature is not uncommon.

A Good Pair of Gloves

While gloves aren’t required under Pennsylvania law, they are important for hand protection, grip strength, and warmth when it’s cold. In summer, open-fingered gloves that are thin yet strong should definitely be worn.

In winter, seek motorcycle gloves that are designed to keep your hands toasty while allowing your fingers full range of motion for gripping the handle bars. If it’s extra chilly, consider purchasing heated motorcycle gloves.

A Face Mask

Though it’s unlikely that you’ll need a facemask for summer riding, in winter a facemask can be key on extra cold days. To protect yourself from frostbite in low temperatures, investing in a facemask will be well worth your while.

Of course, make sure you always wear protective eyewear over your facemask, too. Not only will eyewear help to protect your eyes against debris and the cold winter air, but the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation requires eye protection for all motorcyclists by law.

Preparing for Seasonal Changes

Getting all your protective gear ready to go is essential for comfortable and safe seasonal riding. In addition to getting your gear ready to go, though, make sure you properly prep your bike for the temperature changes, too. If you plan on riding during the winter, for example, make sure that you invest in proper winter tires for your motorcycle.

If You’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident

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