Second Medical Opinion: Should you get one?

Facing a severe disease, illness, or other health complication can be a terrifying experience. And when your doctor makes a medical error that puts your health in jeopardy, understanding your options can be even more daunting. One thing that you may have questions about is whether or not you should get a second medical opinion.

Getting a second medical opinion can be a wise choice, especially if you suspect that malpractice has occurred. Follow our medical malpractice blog to stay abreast of how the field of medical malpractice law develops.

The Value of a Second Medical Opinion

A second medical opinion can be a valuable thing to have any time that you’re facing a serious health crisis, or are advised to pursue a particular treatment option. Obtaining a second medical opinion can provide you with more information about your illness or ailment, as well as other potential routes for treatment. What’s more, if you suspect that malpractice has occurred, a second medical opinion can help to clarify that belief.

Second Medical Opinions and Medical Malpractice

It is common to get a second medical opinion before undergoing an invasive procedure or treatment. You should consider it a requirement to get another doctor’s opinion if you think that you might be the victim of medical malpractice. An act of medical malpractice means that the healthcare provider acted negligently.

One example of a negligent provider is one who does something another doctor with similar training would consider unreasonable. By getting a second medical opinion, you may be able to confirm or prove that malpractice has occurred. What’s more, if you file a lawsuit, the testimony of a medical expert familiar with your case will most likely be essential to your suit’s success.

Getting a second medical opinion can be one of the best ways to tell the difference between care that is negligent and care that is appropriate if unsuccessful. In some cases, your insurance may even cover the costs of a second medical opinion.

Protect Yourself from Malpractice in Pennsylvania

The hope is that you’ll never have to worry about an incident of medical malpractice. To aid in this, choosing a great general doctor with excellent reviews and no medical malpractice history can help. Those are just a couple recommendations but you can read more in our blog, How to Protect Yourself Against Medical Malpractice.

In the event that you do need a second medical opinion and believe that malpractice has occurred, the attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC can represent you. Make sure you act quickly as the statute of limitations for filing a claim is only two years. To learn more about what constitutes malpractice and how we can represent you in a lawsuit, call us at 215-642-2335.