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As retirement is upon many baby boomers, it stands to reason there are more senior citizen drivers on Bucks County and Philadelphia roads every year. It is expected that there will be double today’s number of senior citizen drivers, some 66 million nationally, by 2028. Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. stresses that aging alone does not mean we are less capable of driving, but our natural reaction time does diminish, as well as our hearing and eyesight.

These changes can, to some degree, be offset by your level of experience as a driver. Even so, it is advisable to be proactive as a senior citizen driver, to do everything you can to avoid accident injury to yourself and others. Each year, in 18% of all injury accident cases, a driver over the age of 65 is involved.

As a Senior Driver, or Someone Concerned about an Older Relative, you may ask:

How Can Risk of Philadelphia Area Accidents be Reduced?

  • Get regular medical examinations and be aware of sudden
    medical changes, such as reduced vision and hearing,
    diminished cognitive skills, duller reflexes, stroke or heart
    attack, etc.
  • Limit driving after any recent surgery.
  • Drive at off-peak times, avoiding rush hour traffic.
  • Avoid driving in inclement weather or at night.

Naturally not every senior citizen driver is the same. Let’s face it, regardless of age, some people are now and always have been lousy drivers; whether they fear heavy traffic on Philadelphia area highways, they are nervous driving on windy two-lane roads in Bucks County, or have poor spatial judgment. Drivers in any of these categories are always more prone to being involved in a PA or NJ auto accident.

How can you recognize signs that it’s time to stop driving? Consider some of the warning signs:

  • You get lost in familiar places, 
  • Other drivers frequently honk their horn at you, 
  • You have had several fender benders or citations, 
  • You experience increased irritation while driving, or 
  • You drive at inappropriate speeds.

For most senior citizen drivers, giving up driving for good means a loss of independence. That can be stressful and will take some getting used to. However, there are benefits to not driving:

  • The cost of a vehicle, 
  • Vehicle maintenance, 
  • Cost of gas, and
  • Licensing, insurance, and registration will no longer be a part of your budget.

With these upsides in mind, especially all of the cost savings, you will be left with more cash to take a cab, use public transportation or even hire an occasional limo. In other words, giving up driving does not have to be a negative event.

The Bucks County personal injury lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC ask you and other senior citizens to consider giving up driving if you notice any of the warning signs that your driving may no longer be up to par, or if a friend or family member has told you so. Certainly, you do not want to be injured or injure another in a Philadelphia or Bucks County auto accident.

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