SEPTA Etiquette for a Safe and Peaceful Bus Ride

When you ride a bus in Pennsylvania, it’s important to practice good public transportation etiquette. By doing so, you’ll help make the ride safer, more enjoyable, and more peaceful for yourself and others. To learn about Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority’s (SEPTA) general guidelines for etiquette while riding, read on.

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Keep Your Feet off the Seats and Yield When Appropriate

Having a place to sit while riding can make a bus trip much more enjoyable than it would be otherwise. To increase everyone’s comfort level, make sure that you only occupy one seat; if you have a purse, bag, or other carry-on items, keep them on your lap or tuck them under your own seat, but don’t occupy any additional seats if it is unneeded.

Additionally, always keep your feet off of the seats. Not only does putting your feet on the seats occupy a place where another passenger could be sitting, but putting your feet up can also dirty or ruin a seat. Finally, make sure you always yield priority seats to passengers who are elderly or who have a disability.

Put Your Headphones On

While you may absolutely love the music that’s on your iPod, it’s probably not everybody else’s favorite too. To ensure you have a great bus ride – and that everyone else does as well – make sure that if you’re listening to music or watching a video on a personal device, you keep your headphones on.

If you’re talking on the phone while riding the bus, it’s also courteous to make sure you keep your phone on vibrate or silent, and keep your voice at an appropriate level.

Adhere to Requests and Rules Made by SEPTA

If a SEPTA bus driver or other official requests something of you, make sure that you adhere to the request. Drivers or other officials may make requests to keep you and other passengers safe and comfortable.

No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited both on SEPTA buses as well as at vehicle stations. If you need to smoke, always exit a bus and wait until you are at an authorized area to do so.

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