Settling a Personal Injury Case

Settlements are a common outcome in personal injury cases. This may seem anti-climactic, after you’ve hired a lawyer and planned to go to trial, but a settlement is considered by many lawyers, including Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr., as the best outcome in a personal injury case. A personal injury lawyer can guide you through the settlement process that will lead to the best possible outcome for you.

The following are several benefits to settling your Philadelphia personal injury case:

Avoid Uncertainty: If you refuse to settle and your case goes to trial, there are several uncertainties, like an unexpected decision by a jury, a dismissal by the judge, or general unexpected courtroom events. By settling your personal injury case, you avoid such uncertainty and are awarded with a settlement amount.

Less Time Consuming: Bucks County car accidents are time consuming in general. You must take time to physically recover from your injuries, spend countless hours on the phone with your attorney and insurance companies, and you and your attorney should take as much time as necessary to get the best settlement agreement possible. Although settlements do take time, since you often must wait for insurance company offers and then make counter-offers, a trial takes even longer. If you decide not to settle, you could be stuck in a long and drawn out court battle.

Dates are not Set in Stone: To reach a settlement, you and your attorney will communicate several times throughout the process to discuss your situation and consider the offers of the insurance company. If you need to cancel an appointment, it can be easily rescheduled. If your case goes to trial, there is no rescheduling. Court dates are set and can only be changed by the judge. If you have young children to care for, a job that is hard to get out of, or any other prior commitments, it is wise to consider settling rather than going to trial.

Not every case reaches a fair settlement, and not every case goes to trial. Even if a case does make it to trial, there is a chance that it will be quickly dismissed. It is important to work closely with your personal injury attorney to strongly consider all of your options and offers. Your lawyer should be familiar with the way the settlement process and court system works in your area and should be able to guide you to the best conclusion.

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