Smile! Your Bucks County Car Crash May Be on Candid Camera!

There is a continuous effort to use technology to both protect people and catch rule breakers out on the road. One of the most recent examples is the installation of traffic cameras. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 25 states have installed traffic cameras at intersections all over the country. These cameras may help your case if ever you suffer from a Pennsylvania auto accident by identifying who was at fault.

In a study released by the IIHS in 2007, there were 900 people killed because of red-light-runners. In addition to the fatalities, over 153,000 motorists suffered a serious injury in these types of accidents. The addition of traffic cameras allows law enforcement to monitor dangerous intersections, as the cameras photograph motorists who intentionally run red lights. In the case of a Bucks County auto accident, police can review the film and identify how the accident happened. These cameras have proven useful for discouraging motorists from taking a risk and running a red light – a risk that can cause both the driver and other motorists serious harm.

There are a few types of cameras that states are using; however, both work in essentially the same way.One type simply takes a picture of the license plate as the driver runs the red light. Another version takes pictures of the front, back and the driver in the car. Many drivers have expressed concern for this type of camera because their face is on film. On the up side though, these cameras have discouraged a significant number of people from putting themselves and others at risk by running a red light.

Have you or someone you know been seriously injured because someone ran a red light? 

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