Speed a Likely Factor in Three Deadly Bucks County Car Accidents

In the week surrounding Thanksgiving, four accidents in Bucks County, PA took the lives of six people. In three of the four terrible crashes, speed was noted as a likely contributing factor. 

On the evening before Thanksgiving, a young girl and her grandmother were struck from behind on the 611 bypass in Doylestown Township. The child died at the scene and the grandmother was seriously injured. The car that struck them was going fast enough to collapse the rear end of the vehicle and spread debris over the equivalent of three football fields.  

In another of the tragic accidents, a car was stopped at a red light in Silverdale when it too was hit from behind. The crash killed both drivers and speed was cited as a contributing factor. 

The Take Away

As Levittown, PA auto accident lawyers, we know all too well how tragic accidents caused by speeding drivers are. And while we mourn the loss of the six motorists and extend our deepest condolences to their friends and families, we know that there is something we can do with our grief. 

We must work harder to spread the word—speeding kills. Let this story be a reminder to you and to those you share it with that speeding doesn’t get you to your destination any sooner. At best you will be home three minutes before you would have been. At worst, your speeding could contribute to a serious, even deadly accident. 

Let’s work together to slow down. It just may save a life this holiday season.