Speeding Causes Accidents

It is well known that speeding is illegal, but many have an “only if you get caught” attitude about this dangerous driving behavior. You may think you are experienced enough or in control enough to speed on area roads, but, states Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr., it is important to think of the other drivers who are put in danger when just one person is speeding. The dangers of speeding on Bucks County roads are countless, and too many auto accidents in the Philadelphia area are caused by a speeding driver.

The following are several statistics, all of which would decrease if fewer drivers felt the need for speed:

• Nationwide, speeding is a factor in about 1/3 of all fatal auto accidents. Speeding is a factor in more than 1/2 of auto accidents when roads are snow or slush covered.

• 22% of respondents in a national survey said they regularly travel at least 10 mph over the posted speed.

Younger drivers speed more often and get into more speeding-related accidents than older drivers. This is attributed to lack of experience and a tendency to feel invincible.

• Speeding accounts for almost twice as many motorcycle accidents as for car accidents.

• In 2010, there were 30,520 speed-related crashes in Pennsylvania. Of those, 597 auto accidents were fatal.

• Speeding reduces the amount of time you have to stop your car to avoid an accident if something obstructs your path. In Bucks County, these obstructions often include another car, deer, construction equipment, or even potholes.

Resulting in even greater danger, speeding often combines with other dangerous driving behaviors. In accidents which involve a distracted driver or driving under the influence, speed is also often a contributing factor. Remain an alert, law abiding driver in order to avoid a Philadelphia area auto accident.

If you’ve been injured in a Bucks County auto accident that was a result of someone speeding or another dangerous driving behavior, the personal injury lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC can help. Our experienced attorneys can provide everything you need to know about seeking medical help, filing an injury claim, and speaking to the insurance company. For even more accident information, download a FREE copy of “How to Maximize Your Pennsylvania Car Accident Case Before an Insurance Company Takes Advantage of You.”