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Spiral Fracture injuries from accidents

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Broken bones come in all shapes, sizes, and severity. A spiral fracture is a type of fracture or broken bone associated with trauma such as a slip and fall, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, or a motorcycle accident. Auto accidents also can cause spiral fractures. Spiral fractures are often incurred in a person’s leg when the tibia and/or fibula are broken. Spiral fractures are typically caused by a twisting force or what is known as torsion. Spiral fractures are serious bone fractures because the bone is broken in complicated patterns and sometimes splinters making a spiral fracture very difficult to treat. Spiral fractures of the lower legs often times break through the skin resulting in an open fracture.

A pedestrian accident occurs when a person is struck on the road by an automobile, truck, or motorcycle. When the strong force of a moving vehicle collides with a leg bone, the bone is thrusted in one direction and twisted, causing spiral fractures. Spiral fractures can also occur during auto accidents when the body is thrown about inside the vehicle or the person is ejected from the vehicle. The force of a motorcyclist falling from a bike and colliding with the road can cause spiral fractures.

As with other broken bone injuries, spiral fractures are diagnosed by x-rays. Other medical testing such as Cat Scans and MRI testing may be utilized to check the nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments around the spiral fracture.

If you experience a spiral fracture, you should be rushed to the hospital. If medical treatment is not sought immediately, serious complications may occur involving blood loss, injuries to nerves, and infection. Orthopedic surgeons are the type of medical specialists that treat spiral fractures. Depending on the severity of the spiral fracture, surgery is the most common type of treatment. Spiral fracture surgery includes making an incision or incisions near the spiral fracture and attaching rods and screws to the bone. If the spiral fracture is not too severe, regular casting and rest may be an option.

Spiral fractures are serious types of injuries that will have long lasting effects on your life. You may be carrying around medical hardware for the rest of your life. If a negligent driver has caused you to suffer a spiral fracture from a Bucks County pedestrian accident or Philadelphia motorcycle accident, contact the Bucks County injury lawyers are Cordisco & Saile LLC to get competent legal representation. You are entitled to money compensation for your pain, suffering, and disability caused by a careless or reckless driver. A competent injury attorney can also help you recover for your medical bills and lost wages.

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