Spring Motorcycle Maintenance

If you’re a motorcycle owner, you probably count down the final days of winter until your first ride in the spring. As the weather gets warmer the excitement builds, and you can hardly wait to get back on your bike. But do you know the necessary maintenance that needs to be done after your motorcycle has been sitting in your garage for three months? Even if you are a seasoned rider, it is important to perform any tune-ups before heading out on the road in order to avoid Bucks County motorcycle accidents. Michael L. Saile, Jr., an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in the Philadelphia area, recommends completing the following checklist before your first springtime ride.

1. Tires: It is important to check your tire pressure, since changes in temperature can have a big impact on the air in your tires. Adjust your pressure to the specifications in your owner’s manual. Also consider the visual condition of tires, including tread length and any signs of stress, such as cracks or bulges. Don’t forget to look for any dents or spoke issues on your wheels to avoid a Philadelphia motorcycle accident.

2. Levers, Cables and Hoses: Ensure that all levers are free of cracks and breaks and lubricate if necessary. Check your cables and hoses to make sure they are not frayed, folded, or otherwise damaged. 

3. Lights and Reflectors: Even if your lights worked properly before you put your bike away for the winter, they may have died sometime in those three months. Test your head lamp, tail lamp and turn signals to make sure they work. Look at all lenses and reflectors for any cracks and make sure they are mounted correctly and in the right direction.

4. Oil and Fluids: Make sure your fuel and oil levels are correct and replace or fill up any that are not. Ensure there are no leaks in any of your fluid reservoirs.

5. Battery: Many experts recommend that you remove the battery from the bike during the winter. If you did, make sure to install it correctly and test it. If you did not, test it, and don’t be surprised if it is dead. 

6. Follow the manual: It is important to make sure all elements of your bike are adjusted according to your owner’s manual. This ensures your bike is ready to run in peak condition this spring. 

If anything looks or seems abnormal, out of place, or questionable and you don’t know why, it’s a good idea to play it safe and get your motorcycle checked out by an expert. Even the smallest issue will become exponentially more dangerous out on the road, leading to a higher probability of a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident.

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