Springtime motorcycle accidents hit bucks county | Riding safe

Motorcycle riders throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey hit the roads in the springtime. Most riders have been waiting all winter to hit the pavement (no pun intended). Bucks County offers many scenic motorcycle rides. New Hope, Bucks County is a popular destination for many Philadelphia area motorcyclists. Springtime is always the best time to brush up on motorcycle safety!

One of the major causes of motorcycle accidents in Bucks County, PA is automobile drivers’ lack of attention to the road. Car drivers often pull out in front of a motorcycles or turn into the path of a motorcycle. This is usually because auto drivers do not always see or perceive a motorcycle coming up the road. To prevent these types of motorcycle accidents, motorcyclists must keep their headlights on at all times. Although everyone must obey the speed limit, it is particularly import for motorcyclists to obey the speed limit in order to give other automobile drivers time to recognize a motorcycle on the road. Motorcyclists must also practice defensive driving at all times, especially with distracted driving rampant today.

It also goes without saying that motorcyclists should wear their helmet at all times. Motorcycle helmets save lives every day. Please don’t be one of the “too cool” riders and ride without a helmet.

The Bucks County injury attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC are friendly with many of the local police officers and Pennsylvania State Police officers stationed at the Bensalem-Trevose barracks. These officers are constantly paroling local roads and Bucks County highways such as I-95 from Philadelphia through Bensalem, Bristol, Levittown, Langhorne, and Newtown, PA. These officers will tell you that high speed has caused many fatal accidents involving motorcycles. These officers are also waiting to clock speeding motorcyclists as they race up I-95 from Philadelphia through Bucks County.

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