Squeeze Play: What is it + Prevention

Squeeze play can be a dangerous game when driving in Pennsylvania and may lead to an accident and serious injuries. Read on for what you need to know about the dangers of squeeze play and how to prevent an accident from occurring.

What is squeeze play?

Large trucks and buses require a lot of room to make a turn. When making a right turn– particularly in a narrow area – a truck may take more than its fair share of the lane based on the size and nature of the vehicle. Squeeze play occurs when a car attempts to pass a large truck prior to the turn and then becomes wedged between the curb and the turning vehicle, stuck in the driver’s blind spot.

Accidents Caused by Squeeze Play

A truck driver has many blind spots, and if a car drives into a trucker’s blind spot during a turn, the smaller vehicle may be “squeezed” in between the side of the road and the truck. As such, the vehicle may be forced to drive off the road, may be involved in a crush accident type, may experience a rollover, or may run into or under the truck. These accident types can cause serious and fatal injuries.

Squeeze Play Prevention

If you’re a Pennsylvania driver, it’s important to remember that keeping a safe distance from large trucks or buses while on the road can prevent an accident from occurring. The Human Services Department of Monroe County, Pennsylvania, recommends  giving large trucks plenty of room to turn and watching for blinkers as a method of avoiding squeeze play. Don’t attempt to pass a truck right before an intersection or a turnoff, and never try to pass to the right of the vehicle; instead, always use the left lane for passing purposes.

What to Do If You’re in a Truck Accident

Knowing who’s at fault for a squeeze play accident can be difficult. If you’ve been in a squeeze play accident in the state, you may not know who should pay for your damages. At Cordisco & Saile LLC, our attorneys can get to the bottom of why the accident occurred and who should be held responsible. If the accident was the truck or bus driver’s fault, and if you have been seriously injured or if you have full tort insurance, we can help file a claim for damages. The time limit for filing your claim is two years under Pennsylvania Consolidated Statues Section 5524. To start working with us today, call 215-642-2335 now.