Stoptix: Automatic Braking Light for Motorcycles in Bristol

Motorcyclists face many challenges on the roadways. Although the choice of motorcycle riding as a means of transportation or leisure activity can be exhilarating and enjoyable, it also carries many risks. Sharing the road with larger, heavier vehicles poses an immediate threat in the case of a collision, and because motorcyclists lack any type of protection other than the clothes and gear that they wear, they are susceptible to serious injury and death when a crash occurs.

Technological advances and improvements in safety gear that promote public safety have long been a concern for the motorcycle industry. Each new update or invention in this arena brings a new opportunity for riders to protect themselves as well as those with whom they share the roads.

It is this line of thinking that spurred Jeff Hammock of Huntsville, Ala., to develop his new automatic braking light for motorcycles, which he calls Stoptix. A rider himself, Hammock understands the need for safety on the road. He, like other motorcyclists, values the importance of using available tools to help promote safe riding.

What is Stoptix?

Stoptix was developed on the premise that many riders do not press the motorcycle’s brake to slow down while in traffic. Unlike cars, motorcycles are easily stopped or slowed by downshifting rather than braking. The practice of downshifting to stop is popular among motorcyclists because it makes a sound other riders appreciate and feels comfortable to those who use the method. However, the failure to pull the brake level on the bike means that there is no brake light signaling other drivers that the motorcyclist is decelerating. This is dangerous to the rider and the driver behind him.

To address the common problem, Hammock and his team at MechOptix designed Stoptix, an automatic brake light for motorcycles that is not only triggered by depressing of the brake lever, but also by any significant deceleration of the bike. The lamp runs for hours with little need to recharge — though it does recharge within two seconds of the brake level being pulled.

What does Stoptix cost?

Stoptix will be available at a cost of about $100. Consumers should remember that although Stoptix pricing varies from the much less expensive traditional replacement brake lamps, it is expected to last the lifetime of the motorcycle. The Stoptix also offers the benefit of lighting at any significant reduction of speed rather than only when the brake lever is pulled, offering a vast improvement in safety over traditional bulbs. Stoptix is designed to fit most 1157 brake sockets.

Motorcycle Accidents & Liability

While Stoptix hopes to reduce accidents, they still may occur because of negligent drivers. Whether or not you have Stoptix or similar safety devices designed to reduce accidents, drivers are required to use diligence when driving around other motorists, including motorcyclists. If a driver did not use caution around a motorcyclist and struck him or her, then the motorcyclist can file a claim.

Eyewitness testimony about a driver’s negligence may help prove liability. For example, if a driver was distracted and failed to notice a motorcyclist slowing down, then the driver may be negligent and thus liable for any damages that result from the accident. Your attorney can help with your motorcycle accident claim.

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