Street Smart Campaign Improves Trenton Pedestrian Safety

In 2013, the number of pedestrian accidents that occurred in the state of New Jersey was almost double that of the national average. In response, federal officials (Federal Highway Administration) teamed up with the state of New Jersey (New Jersey Transportation Planning Authority) to launch the Street Smart website and campaign. The campaign was initially implemented at specific intersections in the towns of Newark, Jersey City, Long Beach Island, Woodbridge and Hackettstown.

Promoting Pedestrian Safety

One tactic that the campaign has used to raise awareness about pedestrian safety is to give out tickets to those drivers who don’t yield to pedestrians in sidewalks and to pedestrians who jaywalk or don’t wait for the light to turn. However, giving out tickets isn’t the only point of the program. Instead, the program seeks to change both pedestrian and driver behavior. The campaign asks drivers and pedestrian to “check your vital signs” and encourages motorists to obey speed limits and wait for pedestrians to cross. The campaign asks pedestrians to wait for the walk signal and always use crosswalks.

The Success of Street Smart

According to David Behrend, the spokesperson for the New Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, the initial results of the Street Smart campaign are promising. In fact, data suggests that in Long Island, there was a 71 percent reduction in the number of pedestrian accidents between 2012 and 2014; a 35 percent reduction in Woodbridge; a 47 percent reduction in Jersey City; a 17 percent reduction in Newark; and a 14 percent reduction in Hackettstown. The decline can be contributed to the Street Smart initiative.

More Improvements to Pedestrian Safety

Now that the Street Smart campaign has proven effective, the hope is that it will be implemented in other areas across the state. Meanwhile, other measures have been taken to improve pedestrian safety, such as the cooperative safety program in Trenton, Elizabeth and Jersey City that focuses on physical improvements and educational and enforcement measures. Ideally, the number of pedestrian accidents in New Jersey will be drastically reduced if not eliminated.

Learn About What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident

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