Summer Injury Accidents

We usually associate “car accident season” with winter due to the harsh weather, early darkness, and black ice, but summertime driving also lends to great potential for auto accident injuries – but more for men than for women.  This is what a 2010 British auto insurance survey says, and Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile shares with us some of the results of that survey:


  • The British insurance company known as Sheila’s Wheels (which caters to insuring women drivers, though it insures both men and women) surveyed 1,361 drivers and found that there were 16.4 percent more auto accident claims from males than female drivers between June and August of the prior year.
  • 21 percent of male respondents admitted they were more prone to road rage and aggressive driving behavior during hot summertime months. (It’s probably a safe bet that if you surveyed Philadelphia and Bucks County male drivers that they might report similar results.) In fact, 25 percent of those men surveyed said they had had a crash or near miss in the last five years during summertime driving compared to 17 percent of their female counterparts.
  • Accident injury, it seems, is much harder to avoid in the summertime heat as 45 percent of the men surveyed admitted that they feel the effects of increased heat while driving and are quick to become aggressive. And 29 percent of the men cited that they were distracted by women’s summer clothing. Compare this to the only 3 per cent of women drivers who responded that they were distracted by men’s choice of summer wear.


Common Summertime Accident Risks: Distracted Driving & Drunk Driving

The PA car accident lawyers at Cordisco & Saile LLC remind you that distracted driving is only one cause of summertime accident injury.  We all like to relax and have fun, but do not relax your principles about drinking and driving.  When spending time with friends on a nice afternoon you may not even remember those few beers or hard lemonade you had. Designated drivers are for all seasons. Do not drink and drive!  

If you tend to lose your cool behind the wheel in the heat of summer, take some precautions before you cause injury to you or someone else:


  • Pack a little cooler with bottled water and an ice pack in case you get stuck in traffic, which you can use to drink or to pour on yourself if you need a cool down;
  • Make sure your car’s air conditioning is functioning at maximum capacity;
  • Properly inflate your tires to avoid blowouts and tire failure; and
  • Drive at safe speeds. 


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