Teaneck Middle School Students Issued Tickets For Jaywalking

Can you believe this? Several middle school students were issued tickets for jaywalking in Teaneck, New Jersey. That’s not it—these students were then put into the back of police cars and brought back to school.

The local police said that they were looking out for the safety of the children. It seems absurd that police would issue tickets (let alone jaywalking tickets) to middle school children. Perhaps there is no other crime in Teaneck, NJ?

I have seen this story all over the news about the parents of these children being outraged. This incident was even labeled racial discrimination.

Don’t believe everything you hear in the news. I am not personally involved in this jaywalking incident. I do not know all the facts. I do know that our country’s media prefers to put forth a news-breaking story.

This happens all the time when the media describes a certain lawsuit in the news. The media trumps up certain colorful facts or leaves out pertinent facts that make the story more interesting, controversial or “news worthy”. Sometimes this completely distorts reality and the truth. But who polices the media? No one.

Be weary of a news story that sounds too ridiculous in the news. Search for the real facts before you form an opinion. I bet that these school children were warned several times not to cross the street where they were crossing. I also bet that there have been past problems with children or pedestrians being injured to cause local police to issue jaywalking tickets.

Seems to me that there are more facts to this story other than what you may have heard in a short 2-minute news story. What do you think?