Teen Motorcyclists Must Take Safety Course Before Hitting the Road

The new law requiring teen motorcyclists to take a basic rider course before acquiring a motorcycle license took effect in August. While it’s too early to tell if the mandatory course will lower motorcycle crash rates in Pennsylvania, most agree the law is a good idea.

The courses are 15 hours, five of which are spent in the classroom, and ten on the riding course. All classes are taught by experienced riders and focus on basic skills and safety. The goal of the basic rider course is to give the teen or new biker the opportunity to learn the safest way to operate his or her bike. Hopefully, after completing the basic course, riders will go on to take the more advanced courses. Not only are the courses simply helpful; they also are free. 

Free Motorcycle Safety Courses in Pennsylvania

We are lucky to live in Pennsylvania. Here, safety courses, from beginner to advanced, are offered free of charge. The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program is truly a boon to the state, as it helps so many motorcyclists learn to ride or hone their current skills. Courses available in Pennsylvania include:

  • Basic Rider Course (for teens and all other new riders)
  • Basic Rider Course 2
  • Three Wheel Basic Rider Course
  • Advanced Rider Course

Our Langhorne, PA accident attorneys hope you will take advantage of the free courses the state offers. Expanding your skills has the potential not only to make you a better rider, but a safer rider as well.