Tips for Avoiding Accidents in Pennsylvania

According to the 2010 numbers in State Farm’s annual deer collision study, Pennsylvania ranks as the sixth most dangerous state for deer collisions. As residents of a state with such high statistics, we all need to pay close attention when driving during dawn, dusk or on rural roadways.

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Pennsylvanians have a one in 85 chance of involvement in a Pennsylvania car crash with a deer. The following safety tips can help to ensure you are not one of the over 100,000 drivers who is involved in a Pennsylvania car accident with a deer.

  1. Pay attention to road signs – Be aware of signs which indicate a likelihood of a deer encounter.
  2. Drive slowly – If you are driving in an area where there is a high deer population, such as a wooded area, slow down.
  3. Use your high beams – Whenever possible, use your high beams to better illuminate the roadway and surrounding areas.
  4. Do not swerve – If you swerve you could put yourself in far greater danger. Do not overreact. Your chances of going up against a deer are much better than going up against another car or a tree.
  5. Always wear your seat belt – Sometimes accidents are inevitable. Always wear your seat belt to lower your chances of serious injury.

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