Tips for Finding a Good Obstetrician

Obviously, having a baby is not only exciting, but also is a big responsibility. Whether you are already pregnant or just considering becoming a mother, you’ve probably already started thinking about ways to protect your child.

One way you can do that? Choose a good obstetrician. Whether your pregnancy is planned or a surprise, a good obstetrician can help protect your health and the health of your child throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery. Keep these tips in mind when researching an OB/GYN who’s best for you and your child.

Tips for Finding a Good Obstetrician

A good place to start your search is the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). The ACOG website offers a “Find an Ob-Gyn” tool you can use to search by state, name or zip code.

Also, if you have a primary care physician, ask him or her for a recommendation. Your doctor already knows your health history and concerns (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) and might be able to point you in the direction of an obstetrician who can focus on those needs.

And finally, your friends or family with children may be able to provide some valuable input. If they had an OB/GYN who they liked, ask for recommendations.

Questions to Ask a Potential Obstetrician

During your consultation or appointment with the obstetrician, you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions. This is a good opportunity to learn more about the doctor as well as pregnancy and any concerns you might have. Below are some examples of questions to ask, based on important tips from

  • What is your care philosophy regarding preventive care? Preventive care is an important part of your health.
  • What is your experience with maternal-fetal medicine? This is important in regard to prenatal care.
  • How do you determine the birth method? This means how the doctor decides to do a c-section or a vaginal delivery.
  • What is your belief about circumcision and breastfeeding? Finding a like-minded doctor may be beneficial, though differing beliefs doesn’t necessarily make a doctor a bad choice. After all, it’s your call.
  • Do you work with any hospitals in the area? If the obstetrician doesn’t have hospital privileges where you want to give birth and your delivery involves an emergency, the obstetrician may be unable to deliver the child.
  • Do you attend all deliveries? Some will not if you go into labor at an odd hour, and some practices will rotate on-call delivery duties between different doctors. Some mothers are OK with this, and you may even be able to meet the other doctors at the practice beforehand.


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