Tips for Preventing a Dog Bite

While most dogs are friendly, there are some that can become aggressive with little warning, snarling, growling, or even attacking unexpectedly. Regardless of where you are, if there’s a dog nearby, make sure you follow these tips for preventing a dog bite. You can also review our extensive dog bites blog.

Always Let a New Dog Approach You First

If you’re a dog person, you may be tempted to pet just about every fluffy friend that you see. Before extending your hand to give Fido a pat on the head, though, let the dog approach and smell you first. If you approach a nervous dog, it may react aggressively out of fear. Additionally, nervous dogs don’t appreciate sudden movements Give a new dog plenty of time to get to know you before making a move.

Back Up Slowly

If you sense a nearby dog is feeling threatened, and you may suffer a dog attack, it’s important that you back up slowly. Never make sudden movements around a dog that looks distressed, and resist the urge to run away. What’s more, don’t make eye contact with the dog, as the dog may interpret eye contact as a threat or a challenge.

To keep a situation with an aggressive dog from escalating, follow these tips.

  • Stay facing the dog (if you turn your back and run its natural reaction is to give chase)
  • Direct your eyes downward
  • Bow your head slightly
  • Slowly back away

Don’t Enter a Dog’s Territory

Even the friendliest of dogs can get aggressive when you enter their space because it’s in their nature to be territorial. Whether it’s a friend’s house, a stranger’s or any other property where a dog is present, never enter the property without the owner’s consent and presence. If you do, the dog on the property may feel that it needs to protect the property and its owner, and may attack or bite as such.

On the same note, keep in mind that dogs are also very possessive about their possessions

  • Toys
  • Bed
  • Food

If a dog is preoccupied with a bone, is sleeping, or is playing with a toy, don’t disturb it.

What to Do after a Dog Bite

By following the tips above, you’ll be able to avoid most dog bite situations. If a dog bite does occur, though, report the dog bite attack and make sure you know your rights. To learn about liability for dog bites, and what the owner of the dog is required by law to pay for—and situations in which the owner may be exempt from liability—call our offices now. You can reach the attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC at 215-642-2335.