Traffic Cameras May Help Your Bucks County Auto Accident Case

The technology in cars, cell phones and computers is continuously evolving and the technology on our roadways is no different. One of the most common pieces of equipment that have been added to our roadways are traffic cameras. These cameras, which are commonly used to catch red-light-runners, may also help you if you become involved in a Bucks County car wreck.

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Maybe you’ve seen traffic cameras at a busy intersection on your way to work in the morning or maybe you haven’t seen them at all. Regardless, 25 states have installed traffic cameras at numerous intersections to catch red-light-runners as well as to help those who have been involved in accidents at these intersections.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS),

  • There were 900 people killed in accidents due to red-light-runners in 2007.
  • There were also an additional 153,000 reported injuries from the same problem.
  • Half of those injured in a red light accident were pedestrians and members of other cars.

The IIHS has reported a significant decrease in fatalities and injuries in the states where traffic cameras are installed. These cameras are designed to be mounted above the traffic light or on the corner of the intersection to snap photos of vehicles that enter an intersection after the light has turned red. This may work to the accident victim’s advantage because there will be no disguising the cause and fault of the accident.

Some motorists worry that the cameras are used simply to gain revenue; however, law enforcement agencies assure that this is not their purpose. They claim that the purpose of these cameras is to catch dangerous motorists who intentionally run red lights and put others in harm’s way. For those who are caught in the intersection when the light changes, or those who cross the line when the light is still yellow, no picture is taken of the car or the driver.

Although the cameras may look the same, not all cameras take the same types of photos. Some of the cameras only photograph the vehicle’s license plate, while other’s take a picture of the front plate and the driver. Regardless of the camera type, the IIHS has found a major decrease in injuriesdue to the presence of the cameras.

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