Tragic Trenton Car Accident Claims the Life of a Toddler

Willingboro, NJ resident, William N. Parks, is being charged with the wrongful death of three-year old Imaya Moreland of Trenton, NJ after a fatal NJ car accident.

On Friday, January 30, 2009, at approximately 7:00 p.m., a group of five people was waiting to cross Route 129 in Trenton, near the Sovereign Bank Arena. At the same time, a Trenton Fire Department Engine 6 fire truck, with its lights and sirens fully engaged was traveling south on Route 129 in route to a Trenton NJ car accident site at Routes 1 and 129 north. The fire truck needed to make a U-turn onto 129 North, and when it did, Parks, who was travelling southbound on Route 129, tried to pass the fire truck using the left lane and ended up losing control of his vehicle. William Parks crashed into the fire truck, then hit Imaya Moreland with the front end of his truck. In addition, Parks hit a metal light post on the median near Hamilton Avenue, breaking it in two.

Imaya Moreland was pronounced dead. Also injured among this group of pedestrians waiting to cross Route 129, was another 3-year old, Armanti Martinez, of Trenton. He sustained bone fractures in both legs and was transferred to St Christopher’s Hospital in Philadelphia for surgery.

Police report that Trenton firefighter, Ronald Hubscher, Jr. suffered a sprained wrist and Trenton firefighter Florensio Santos, suffered a neck injuries as a result of the Trento NJ car accident.

William Parks, who suffered minor back injuries and knee injuries, was also treated and released.

According to Trenton Police, William Parks has been charged with driving with a suspended license, one count of causing personal injury, one count of causing wrongful death, and failure to yield to an authorized emergency vehicle. More charges may be leveled against Mr. Parks in the future. He was taken to Trenton Police headquarters once released from the hospital and posted a portion of his $15,000 bail.