Types of Medical Providers For Accident Victims: Surgeon

Surgeons Help Accident Victims

Why would you need surgery as a result of a Bucks County auto accident? When personal injuries are very severe, surgery is often the only course of action. In some other instances, surgery may be a last resort only after many treatment options are exhausted. A surgeon can be very instrumental to the healing process of a personal injury sustained in a PA auto accident whether it is at the emergency room immediately following the accident or at a later date.

Emergency Surgery: Immediately following a serious Bucks County auto accident, you may be in need of emergency surgery at the nearest hospital. Injuries that may require emergency surgery are damaged organs, pelvic fractures, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), ruptured arteries, and any open wounds that are bleeding uncontrollably.

Fractured Bones: Broken bones are most often treated with lots of rest and a plaster cast or some other device for setting the bone. But depending on the severity of the injury and which bone is fractured, surgery may be necessary. For example, bones broken in multiple places may need to be set internally with screws, while some foot injuries require surgery in order to heal correctly.

Chronic Pain: Surgery for chronic pain is often performed several weeks or months after the initial personal injury. Some common auto accident injuries that cause chronic pain are spinal injuries, such as a herniated or bulging disc, or nerve damage anywhere in the body. There are various surgical options which have been shown to reduce pain from these injuries.

Facial and Jaw Injuries: Facial and jaw injuries can be very disheartening for a victim of a Philadelphia area auto accident. You may be unhappy with your resulting appearance, or you may not be able to eat, swallow or talk in the same way that you did prior to the accident. There are surgical options available, including cosmetic surgery, to those with facial or jaw injuries resulting from an auto accident in the Bucks County area.

It is very important to consider all of your options, if you have them, prior to choosing surgery as a treatment. You should discuss your options with your family doctor, as well as schedule a consultation with the surgeon to learn about recovery time and any possible complications.

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