Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Available PA

While most workers’ compensation laws across the nation are very similar, each state handles setting its set of employees’ compensation requirements, eligibility standards, and benefits. The following considers the types of workers’ compensation benefits available to those with work injuries in Pennsylvania.

Payments for Lost Wages

When a worker must miss work due to an injury that was acquired while performing a work-related activity, he or she may be eligible to recover payments for lost wages. Eligibility is determined by whether or not the worker is totally disabled and is unable to work, or is partially disabled and is receiving payments less than his or her pre-injury wage.

Lost wage benefits are equal to two-thirds of a worker’s weekly wage (up to a weekly wage maximum) prior to the incident.

Specific Loss Benefits

If you have lost the use of or all of part of individual limbs or body parts, then you may be entitled to specific loss benefits. The following body parts are covered by specific loss benefits.

  • Thumb
  • Finger
  • Hand
  • Arm
  • Foot
  • Toe
  • Sight
  • Hearing
  • Leg

Specific loss benefits are also available for permanent or/and severe disfigurement to the face, head, or neck.

Medical Care

For any medical care for an injury that is work-related and that is relevant and necessary, workers’ compensation insurance will foot the bill. Your physician or healthcare provider will make a determination about what healthcare services/medical interventions are necessary.

However, keep in mind that if you seek medical services for a work-related injury outside of the state of Pennsylvania, your workers’ compensation insurance may not cover the cost. Consult with your healthcare provider and your workers’ compensation insurance agent prior to receiving medical care to ensure that the care will be covered.

Death Benefits

Finally, workers’ compensation insurance in Pennsylvania also offers death benefits to a worker’s survivors in the event that a work-related accident results in an injury severe enough to cause death. These benefits may include funeral expenses, medical expenses, and lost wage benefits. Most families don’t immediately consider other complications of a wrongful death, such as, what about the lost health insurance benefits for remaining family members?

Learn More About Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you’ve been injured while working in Pennsylvania, don’t hesitate to take action to file a claim for workers’ compensation insurance. If you have questions about whether or not workers’ compensation applies to you and what type of benefits you may be able to recover, let our attorneys counsel you. Meet with Cordisco & Saile LLC today. Call now at 215-642-2335.