Understanding Airbag Technology

We’ve all seen a movie or television show in which the main character is involved in a very minor accident and the airbags deploy. A scene such as this can set high expectations for the sensitivity of airbag technology. Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. says that your airbags should not go off in minor collisions, or fender-benders. Although airbags are a life-saving element in serious Bucks County auto accidents, it is preferable that your airbags do not deploy in minor accidents.


Airbag Activation Not Likely in Minor Accidents


If you can walk away from a Pennsylvania or New Jesey auto accident with only minor cuts or bruises, or no injuries at all, do not wonder why your airbags did not deploy – be thankful that they did not. Airbags are meant to protect you from moderate to high-speed collisions, not minor fender-benders. Airbags are deployed with such force that drivers often walk away with broken wrists and headaches as a direct result of airbag deployment. Also, when your airbags deploy, it is necessary to have them reinstalled by a professional, which will cost money. 


Speed, impact, seat belt Engagement are all Factors in Airbag Deployment


Airbags are designed to deploy to prevent serious injuries when a car is traveling at moderate speeds. There are different speed thresholds for different manufacturers, but most of the time airbags will be activated if a collision occurs at around 15 mph. There are also threshold differences for drivers who wear seat belts as compared to those who don’t. If the person is not wearing a seat belt, airbags will typically be deployed if a crash occurs around 10 mph as compared to belted drivers. It has been shown that the combination of a seat belt and airbags can reduce the risk of serious head injury by about 85%, so it is important to always buckle your seat belt in the Philadelphia area.


Should your Airbag have gone off in a Recent Bucks County Auto Accident?


If you were wearing your seat belt and were otherwise saved from any serious or long-term injuries, it may be good that your airbags did not deploy. But, if you or your passengers were injured in the accident because your airbags did not deploy when you were traveling at speeds above 15 mph, it may be a sign that there was something wrong with the airbag technology or the speed sensors in your car. It is important to have a professional look into these areas to see what is wrong.

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