Uninsured and Involved in a Car Accident in PA: Limited or Full Tort?

The Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Code §1705 (a) 5 states that: “An owner of a currently registered private passenger motor vehicle who does not have financial responsibility shall be deemed to have chosen the limited tort alternative.”

Therefore, in addition to getting a PA traffic violation for driving while uninsured, which carries serious penalties, if you are in a PA car accident—even if you are not at fault—and your PA car is uninsured you are deemed limited tort, if you want to sue for your pain and suffering as a result of your injuries from the PA car accident.

This bad decision to drive an uninsured PA motor vehicle may also affect some of the occupants in your car. Unless you have suffered serious injuries that have significantly affected your life, you may not recover fair compensation for the damage that a careless or reckless driver has caused. Many of our clients are in constant pain and take medications daily, but cannot recover under Pennsylvania’s strict limited tort law.