Update on New Jersey DUI-DWI Alcotest Hearings

Yesterday, Special Master, Michael King, heard final arguments from all the NJ DWI defense counsel and amicus curiae (friends of the court) in Camden, NJ. There will be no further testimony in to be heard by Judge King.

Today, the Office of the Attorney General and the manufacturer of the Alcotest 7110 will argue their side of the case.

Following the arguments, Judge King will prepare a report with his recommendations to the New Jersey Supreme Court. Judge King’s report is due to the NJ Supreme Court by November 2, 2007.

The Supreme Court will then scour the report, and if they choose, hold more hearings, require additional briefing, or just decide the case on the reliability of the Alcotest machine. The New Jersey Supreme Court will be taking this matter very seriously as it will immediately affect tens of thousands of NJ DUI-DWI cases on hold and possibly hundreds of thousands of NJ DUI-DWI cases in the future.

Just think, the old Breathalyzer machine was 1950’s technology and it is still being utilized in NJ NJ DUI-DWI cases today.

If the Alcotest machine is approved, how long do you think it will be used in NJ? Why not use a DUI-DWI blood test like Pennsylvania and many other states are using?

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