Update on New Jersey Supreme Court Alcotest Hearings

Recent news from the attorneys that are directly involved with the NJ Alcotest hearings in the NJ Supreme Court:

“On Monday September 17, 2007, a new series of hearings will begin before Special Master Judge Michael Patrick King, P.J.A.D. (ret.) in the on-going Alcotest litigation in State v. Chun. The hearings should last between three and four weeks.”

Master Judge Michael Patrick King will then draft a new report with his new findings from the recent hearings and deliver his report to the NJ Supreme Court Justices by October 28, 2007. The Justices may then hold oral arguments in the NJ Supreme Court if they wish or make their rulings directly from the Judge King’s reports.

Hopefully this matter will be resolved by years end. Tens of thousands of NJ DUI-DWI suspects await the Supreme NJ Court’s final ruling on the new NJ DUI-DWI drunk driving breath test. Depending on any modifications to the currently used machine, thousands of individual prosecutions may have to be withdrawn if the Alcotest DUI-DWI breath test used in NJ was unfair and/or not scientifically reliable.