Warminster’s Traffic Troubles

There is no doubt that Street Road (PA Rt. 132) is one of the busiest, most-used routes in Bucks County. In Warminster, Street Road intersects with York Road (PA Rt. 263), another heavily traveled road within Bucks County, contributing to much of the traffic volume in that area. Unfortunately, traffic volume often leads to accidents in Bucks County, especially when other factors unique to Warminster, including pedestrian traffic, are involved. Michael L. Saile, Jr., a Bucks County personal injury lawyer, has encountered numerous individuals who have been injured in Warminster auto accidents due to distracted driving, drunk driving, speeding, and just plain carelessness.


A Bustling Bucks County Hot Spot


Warminster is a popular destination for residents in many corners of Bucks County. The township is home to several large shopping centers, at least two “big box” stores, sports and recreation fields, as well as dozens of popular restaurants and diners. All of these factors result in almost constant volume and traffic delays each day in Warminster Township. With William Tennent High School and Archbishop Wood High School within walking distance of some of the busiest intersections, it is not uncommon to see young pedestrians traversing along some of the busiest roads in Warminster, often without the presence of a sidewalk. It is very upseting to see someone, especially a kid, hit by a non-attentive driver, but pedestrian accidents are quite prevelent in Warminster. 


Recent Measures Taken


Within the last few years, the Board of Supervisors of Warminster Township adopted a Traffic Calming Policy with several goals in mind:


  • make streets safer for pedestrians and motorists,
  • ensure motorists follow posted speed limits, and
  • ultimately reduce auto accidents on busy Warminster roads.


Planned safety measures include:

  • speed bumps,
  • medians,
  • textured crosswalks, and
  • new road signage, including pavement markings.


Considering the sheer volume of traffic on Warminster area roads, these plans aim to make both drivers and pedestrians more aware in order to avoid potentially fatal accidents.  Street Road (PA Rt. 132) is a four-lane road with many traffic lights.  Drivers are often impatient and aggressive, which leads to many rear-end accidents and side impact accidents. When traveling in Warminster keep your distance from the car in front of you and that you obey all traffic signals in order to avoid causing – or being involved in – an accident.

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