Ways to Reduce Sun Glare when Driving in Bensalem

Sun glare and driving can be a deadly mix. Drivers in Bensalem should always take precautions to reduce sun glare when driving, which can in turn reduce the risk of an accident.

What exactly is sun glare?

Sun glare, or temporary glare-induced blindness, occurs when sunlight bounces off of a reflective surface and hits the driver’s field of vision. “Glare is light that does not help to create a clear image on the retina; instead, it has an adverse effect on visual comfort and clarity. Glare is sunlight that hinders instead of helps,” expounds The Discovery Eye Foundation.

The Vision Council of America quotes David Rips, president and CEO of Younger Optics: “The danger comes primarily from two different conditions of light from the sun.”

  • Direct light: The driver can be travelling directly into bright sunlight. This direct light can temporarily blind the driver.
  • Reflected light: The driver can also experience temporary blindness when the sunlight bounces off of the road, snow, the water, another vehicle, or any other reflective surface.

Ways to Reduce Sun Glare While Driving

Wear polarized glasses to eliminate sun glare when driving. Visit a reputable company and purchase high-quality sunglasses with polarized, reflective lenses. This will not only help reduce the chances of a glare-induced accident, but also help protect your eyes from sun damage.

In addition to a good pair of shades, the Vision Council of America recommends the following tips for drivers to reduce sun glare.

  • Don’t tailgate or follow cars too closely. Leave a safe distance to ensure you have an ample time to react.
  • Use your sun visors to help block some of the light.
  • Don’t use high-gloss coatings or cleansers on your dashboard.
  • Keep your windshield clean.
  • If you know that a particular route always causes excess glare, consider taking an alternative route.

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