What are the Differences Between DUI, DWI and DAI in NJ and PA?

Many people ask me: Do you think I will be charged with a DUI or a DWI? Most people don’t know what a DAI is…

DUI: Driving Under the Influence

DWI: Driving While Intoxicated

DAI: Driving After Imbibing

It really depends on what state the traffic ticket was issued. DUI, DWI, and DAI are all the same motor vehicle violation of drunk driving.

In PA, the drunk driving offense is now called DAI (Driving After Imbibing). Pennsylvania’s old drunk driving law was called DUI. In 2004, the PA legislature revamped the PA drunk driving law and renamed it Driving After Imbibing.

In NJ the drunk driving offense is called DWI. New Jersey also completely changed its DUI law, but kept the drunk driving law called Driving Under the Influence.

Pennsylvania and New Jersey have different penalties for each drunk driving offense.

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