What Contributes to Doylestown Accidents

Doylestown, PA is one of the busiest towns in Bucks County, making it a “hot spot” for Bucks County accidents of all sorts – motorcycle accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, and pedestrian accidents. Not only is it a home town for many, but the town also attracts tourists and day trippers.  With direct access from PA Rt. 611, which runs from Broad Street in Center City Philadelphia north to Interstate 380 in the Poconos, it is a popular destination for many in southeastern Pennsylvania.  Bucks County personal injury lawyer Michael L. Saile, Jr. reminds us that as Bucks’ county seat, Doylestown also houses the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas.  Every day jurors, plaintiffs, defendants, judges, lawyers and all others that make our legal system tick commute into Doylestown. Given everything Doylestown is home to, it is an area that holds many risk factors for PA auto accidents.

People Come to Doylestown for both Business and Pleasure.  Leave yourself extra time to compensate for Traffic. 

As a center of history, government and culture, Doylestown Borough is often the site of traffic problems and unintended Bucks County auto accidents. The emergency department at Doylestown Hospital treats hundreds of people each year who are injured in accidents that occur in and around the Doylestown area.  It is one of the 25 busiest emergency departments in Pennsylvania.

Although Doylestown is part of Septa’s regional rail system, tourists and businesspeople alike travel the town by car and crowd the borough’s small streets every day. Where there is traffic, there are accidents. The traffic in Doylestown leads to the frustration of drivers who must deal with traffic delays. This frustration may lead to a greater risk for PA accidents.

Doylestown is a Gateway to other Eastern PA Attractions

PA Rt. 611, a straight shot from the heart of Philadelphia to the Poconos, is home to traffic problems as well, and the scene of numerous Pennsylvania car accidents year round. Rt. 611 in Doylestown is a popular and heavily used highway in the Bucks County area. Some portions of Rt. 611, north of Doylestown, go down to only two lanes, irritating those drivers who get stuck behind a slow moving truck. This annoyance may lead to irratic driving behaviors, making suburban Philadelphia auto accidents all the more likely.

 Wondering How to Handle a Car Accident Injury?

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